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Landscape anyone?

Today I have decided I should post a few of the landscape images I have made in the recent past. If you are wondering why, in my last post I mentioned that I do sell prints of landscape images I make. Until now mostly I have been selling them as stock photography but I thought that maybe my own followers and clients would like to have one or more of my beautiful images on a wall at home. So enjoy these images and should you like to purchase one please contact me and we can discuss if you want them as prints (to be framed) or as canvas prints which come already mounted and ready for your wall. Prices will vary by size and format and we can discuss that when you call me.

Sometimes shooting is for pleasure....

Last weekend, I went to a cottage in a private island in an area about 45 minutes north of North Bay. I was with a great group of friends and the main motive for this weekend getaway was just shoot for fun.. 

It neves ceases to amaze me that what your profession is also your way of relaxing and having fun.

This is one of the shots I liked the most... and should you'd like to purchase any landscape photos I have made, please don't hesitate to call me, they can be prints on paper, or canvas to the size you would prefer.

Happy Thanksgiving to all 

untitled shoot-117-Edit.jpg
When you love what you do.....

The saying goes "when you love what you do you will never work a day in your life"

Nothing could be more true than that, in my case. In one of the photoshoots I did last week, I had the pleasure to make some headshot images for David. As it turned out, David is a Reiki Master and also an ordained minister. He needed some shots for his web page and I was happy to obliged. We had a very long conversation about what he does and it was just fascinating.  In all honesty I enjoy so much my profession that it is truly a case of "don't work a day in my life"

untitled shoot-037.jpg
Business needs......

In this rapidly, ever changing business world one of the key elements of success is how you show yourself to your customers, clients, the world. This is when a professionally done Head Shot comes to play. With our unique approach of getting to know our clients ahead of the shoot we create HeadShots that really show your prospects and existing clients who you are and what you are about.

Be it for your Business Cards, your Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin or any other form of promoting your business, Images by Robert will create and deliver Images you will be proud to show the world.

Go ahead, give us a call and book your session either in our state of the art studio or at your location and convenience.

untitled shoot-024.jpg
Interaction any one??This

This is what I absolutely love about my profession. I have always made it a practice to interview my clients before a shoot, why?? because you get to know the person you will be shooting and get to understand what and who they are, what makes the real personality of someone come out and then utilize this knowledge to make an image that really reflects the heart and soul of that client.

This last Saturday I interviewed before a headshot session this fascinating man David. We got so wrapped into our chat that we didn't start shooting for an hour, but it was so well worth it.

Thank you David for trusting Images by Robert to capture the image you will be showing to the world. :)

untitled shoot-012-Edit-Edit-2.jpg
Helping Heather
untitled shoot-017-Edit.jpg

A few days ago Heather P came to me, to see if I could create a portfolio of images for her to use in her modelling career. We arranged for an appointment where we sat and talked about her, what she aspired to, and what she liked, in other words a "get to know Heather" meeting. A few days later and with a few hints of what kind of wardrobe she should bring to the shoot, we met at my studio and had a great time creating the images she wanted. Once the photos were created, she absolutely loved them.


Ahhh Love!! :)

A couple of weekends ago I went to Tobermory, Ontario to do some landscape leisure shooting and while enjoying the stunning coast of lake Huron, I met a young couple that was getting engaged right at that moment. They asked me to do their engagement shots for them, and of course I obliged. They were elated with their photos and have already asked me to create their wedding photos next June... untitled shoot-097.jpg


Hello and welcome!

Thank you for visiting.  I'm Robert Schindelheim.  I'm very honoured that you have taken the time to come by.  I'm not a writer and not particularly vociferous, so I will use this part of my site to share with you about projects that I have been working on, new learnings, new services and what I see as important in the quest to deliver the finest in human images.

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