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Makeup tips for your photo shoot...


As a Portrait and Headshot photographer I get asked about makeup by my clients, so why not just give you a few ideas here…

If you are going to do your own makeup for the photoshoot I tend to suggest more of a “NATURAL”  look rather than the “LIGHT” make up look, although both can be done  at the same time. The trick is to apply a minimum amount of makeup and make sure it is applied very evenly. Also it is good to use poder (possibly more than what you would apply for an in person meeting) so that way you achieve an even and natural look that the camera will show perfectly.

Always match the colour of your foundation with the colour of your skin especially in areas such as the neck or chest. If you would prefer to have a more of a darker skin tone in the final photograph, that can be adjusted later during the post processing of the image.

When it comes to lips, I always recommend a shade darker than the lipstick shade you normally wear. I also recommend the use of lip gloss as it makes your lips look fuller in your photos.

When applying blush, make sure you apply it in small amounts and in a circular motion to avoid “blush edges” as these are enhanced by the camera. For photography try to use a blush a shade darker than the one you use on a daily basis.

When it comes to hair, make sure you use products such as spray or gels that give your hair that shiny, healthy look. Matte hair looks dull in photos.

These are some suggestions, please also remember that I can arrange for a makeup artist to be at the studio for your photo shoot if you would like that option. I work with a few make up artists that have experience in photo sessions.


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