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Tips for a Headshot photo shoot...

There’s a lot more to having your photo taken than just turning up at the studio and smiling at the camera so it’s worthwhile spending the time to prepare for your photoshoot

I like to get started by having a conversation with my client and understanding the reason for the headshot shoot and also to understand the client him/herself, what do they like, what puts them at ease, what makes them comfortable, what makes them be who they are.

If the headshot is required for professional use, generally it is a good idea to consult with professional image consultants, they can tell you what colours and styles work better for your body type, skin colour and other details that are important when you are gooing to show your image to the professional world.

I usually recommend my clients to bring several outfits for the shoot, it doesnt mean you will wear all of them but together, photographer and client can decide which of the outfits will look better in the final image.

Hair, of course is very important so if the client is a male, a haircut should be done 3 or 4 days before the shoot so it looks more natural, if the client is a lady, it’s always better to bring the products you normally use for hairstyle, only because there may be a couple of changes during the shoot to make different images.

In terms of makeup, I wrote an entire blog last week about this, but if you couldn’t read it soft make up that makes you look natural is a good start, bring your make up to the studio as well.

Remember that my goal as a photographer is to make you look your best and for you to love how you look in those images.  

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