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Robert Schindelheim is a PROFESSIONAL photographer, originally from Argentina, now delivering his services in Canada.

My passion for photography started at a very young age watching my uncle who was a professional photographer and helping him with lights and gear when he was out shooting on location. Seeing first hand and up close how an image was born and the art and creativity used to develop it made me become a photographer and an artist.

Through the years and after taking a variety of courses with renowned photographers such as Lindsy Adler, Ron Clifford, and Gavin Hoey, and successfully completing a two year program at the Arcanum, I decided that photographing people was what I wanted to do the most.

I developed a unique approach where I sit with my prospective clients and interview them, to get to know them and what their passions and likes are. I am then best prepared with the knowledge to make a portrait session that will capture not just a person’s image but their heart, soul and feelings, while making it a fun experience for everyone involved.  I bring this approach to all my work, and my clients find it empowering.

I own a state of the art studio and am equipped with the equipment needed to provide my services whether it’s at the studio, outdoors or in the comfort of your home.





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